Drive Website Traffic and Generate New Leads From Facebook Groups

facebook groupsIncrease website traffic from Facebook Groups.

  • Share your message
  • Engage potential customers
  • Foster new leads
  • And get people to visit your website

Posting content, advertisements and brand messages to targeted Facebook Groups is great way for you to connect with new customers, share your content, and even drive traffic to your website, which leads to autopilot sales and inquiries.

Effortlessly Increase Your Traffic, Inquiries And Sales With King Poster

Since I started using King Poster, traffic to my websites from Facebook has skyrocketed, and that traffic is also the highest-converting traffic on my websites.

Simple Facebook Truth: If you want to have targeted website traffic from Facebook Groups, the Facebook Multi-Page/Group Poster, (King Poster) makes managing, publishing and scheduling to all your groups a piece of cake.

The King Poster makes the whole thing possible for you for anything you ever want to sell or promote on Facebook. And you'll get traffic for your website and more inquiries by using this Facebook Groups social media management tool!

Facebook Multi-Page/Group Poster Unique Features:

  • Four different post types supported. Status, Link, Image and Video.
  • Post online photos/images to groups and pages.
  • Provides ability to directly upload online videos to Facebook. Supports posting YouTube & Dailymotion videos to pages and groups, not just as an embedded external player, but uploaded directly to Facebook, playable as Facebook’s videos.
  • Post Presets. Supports saving Posts for future use, as well as creating categories of Groups/Pages selections
  • Configurable Pause. Supports automatically pausing user’s posting process for specified time, after a configurable number of posts.
  • Promote your pages and get more traffic by publishing any post to page, getting its generated link and publishing that link to multiple groups at once. Your fan-pages are sure to receive much more traffic and LIKES.
  • Configurable delay between consecutive posts. A smart safeguard from Facebook blockage.
  • Shows result of each post submission whether error or success.

Other Practical Features:

  • Schedule pages’ posts ahead of time, as far as six months from current date.
  • Schedule postings to Groups, Pages & Profile.
  • Supports embedded images in posts.
  • Complete customization for posting links in pages and groups. Change Title, caption, message and other aspects of the link.
  • Post to multiple Facebook groups.
  • Delete unnecessary pages and groups from listing.
  • SPINTAX and nested SPINTAX support for content randomization
  • Extremely easy to use navigation and post creation process.
  • Compatible with latest Facebook API
  • Detailed user manual (with videos) included for quick setup and understanding the operation.


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